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Critter Chat is a weekly column from Executive Director Deborah Knaan, who seeks to answer your animal-related questions. Email questions to [email protected] with the words CRITTER CHAT in the subject line. Please note that the following information is in no way intended to be legal advice, or to create an attorney-client relationship. Before relying on any information, you should contact an attorney licensed to practice in your state.

Critter Chat: A Dog In This Fight

Dear Critter Chat, I’ve been married for three year and my husband and I are getting a divorce. While we were married I bought a dog named Milo with money my mother gave me for my birthday. Last week my husband moved out of our apartment and took Milo. He says Milo belongs to him [...]

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Critter Chat: Risky Love?

Dear Critter Chat, Ever since the Michael Vick case broke the world of dog fighting wide open my wife has wanted to adopt a dog that was rescued from a dog fighting operation. Rescue people we’ve talked to have told us the dogs are not aggressive and would make good pets but I’m worried, both [...]

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Critter Chat: They Don’t Walk Themselves

Dear Critter Chat, My neighbor has three dogs and never – I mean never – walks them or takes them to a dog park. The dogs are stuck in the house or in the yard all day every day and never get out except to go to the groomer once in a while. In the [...]

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Critter Chat: A “Sometimes” Crime???

Dear Critter Chat, On a recent hot day I noticed there was a dog locked in a car. The windows were rolled up all the way, and the dog was nervously barking. The car was parked in a parking garage, so even though it was 100+ outside, it was only 80 or 90-something in the garage. I called Pasadena Humane [...]

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Critter Chat: No Money, No Pet?

Dear Critter Chat, My cousin owns a 13-year-old horse. The horse was acting sick for a few months; it wasn’t eating and could barely stand. There was a large lump on its chest, which kept getting bigger and bigger. We all told my cousin to call a vet but she said it would be too [...]

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Critter Chat: Rescues’ “Hoops“ a Turn-Off

Dear Critter Chat, My wife and I wanted to adopt a dog from a rescue because we wanted to save a life. Each of the rescues we dealt with made us jump through so many hoops you’d think we were adopting a baby. We didn’t get any of the dogs we wanted and the whole experience left [...]

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Critter Chat: Shelter Alternatives

Dear Critter Chat, I lost my job over a year ago and am at the point where I can’t afford to feed or take care of my two dogs and three cats. These animals are my life; I cannot and will not take them to a shelter. Please help. –Heartsick & Broke Dear Heartsick, First, I’m sorry [...]

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Critter Chat: Finders Keepers?

Dear Critter Chat, Last week my friend found a Boxer in a parking lot. The dog was really skinny and had tons of fleas. My friend doesn’t want to take the dog to the shelter because she’s afraid the owners will find the dog and she doesn’t think they should get it back because of the bad [...]

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Critter Chat: Think Long-Term…

Dear Critter Chat, My kids, 6 and 8, have been hounding me for a dog.  I don’t like dogs and don’t want one but people keep saying how good it will be for the kids.  I’m sick of fighting about this.  Should I give in or keep saying “No?” –Hounded Dear Hounded, This one’s got [...]

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Critter Chat: Dumb Cluck Neighbor

Dear Critter Chat, My neighbor’s fighting chickens and the whole thing’s making me sick.  The noise, the smell, the drunk people driving in and out of the street at all hours of the night.  My wife says to leave it alone but I don’t want my kids exposed to this and in my opinion it’s [...]

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